List of documents for peasant (farm) households without forming a legal entity

The list of documents required for opening a bank account for peasant (farm) households without forming a legal entity:


customer profile;


questionnaire of the beneficial owner (beneficiary);


an application for opening an account, signed by the persons indicated in the signature sample card (original);


identity document of the head of the peasant (farm) economy (passport, ID-card) (copy and original for verification);


certificate of registration of a peasant (farm) economy issued by statistical authorities (copy and original for verification);


an agreement on the formation and division of the joint property of a peasant (farm) economy (original or a notarized copy);


list of members of the peasant (farm) economy (original);


a document certifying the authority of the head of the farm to manage the funds of the farm (protocol on the election of the head of the farm, the decision on the appointment of the head of the farm, determining the scope of his powers) (original or notarized copy);


card with samples of signatures and seal, certified by a Bank employee (original) - 2 copies;


certificate from the tax authorities on the fact of tax registration (original).


CONTRACT for opening and maintaining a current account.