Salary projects

Aiyl Bank offers its clients a salary project using the national payment card "ELKART", which will help to get rid of many inconveniences.

Using the Elcart card, you get rid of many problems associated with various payments to employees.

Elkart is a reliable and convenient tool for receiving salaries.

Benefits of the payment card "ELKART":

  • reduction of costs associated with the issuance of wages (collection, issuance, storage, deposit of funds);
  • reducing the cost of maintaining cashiers;
  • saving the working time of accountants;
  • lack of queues for the issuance of wages;
  • maintaining the confidentiality of the employee's salary;
  • the possibility of round-the-clock access to the funds on the account.

The Elcart card is designed to pay for goods and services in trade and service enterprises, as well as to receive cash at cash points and ATMs in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. All points serving Elkart are marked with stickers and other signs with the Elkart logo (list of POS-terminals and ATMs).

AGREEMENT on the issue and maintenance of payment cards within the framework of payroll projects.


JSC "Aiyl Bank" offers its customers a modern, convenient and fast way to solve a temporary need for funds - OVERDRAFT.

An overdraft is a form of lending in which the borrower can spend more than he has on his card account.

Overdraft Benefits:

  • unlike traditional loans, an overdraft is issued once, at which a credit line is opened for a specified period;
  • no deposit required;
  • permanent access to bank credit resources;
  • interest accrual only when using the established overdraft limit;
  • the possibility of revising the overdraft limit with an increase in average monthly receipts on a card account in a bank.

Conditions for obtaining an overdraft:

  • The overdraft amount is 70% of the salary;
  • Overdraft interest rate is only 2% per month.