Savings deposit "Aiylga Salym"

Type of deposit


Minimum deposit amount

5000 KGS; 5000 RUB; 100 USD;

Additional contributions and restrictions on them

1. No more than 100 million soms, 100 million rubles, 2 million US dollars, for the period of the contract.

2. Acceptance of additional deposits is terminated 30 days before the expiration of the deposit Agreement.

Frequency of interest payments



Interest capitalization

upon application

Partial deposit withdrawal


Interest payment upon early termination of the contract

at the minimum interest rate, depending on the actual period of deposit placement, set by the Bank's Parameters for this deposit at the time of termination of the agreement



* Maximum effective interest rate: KGS - 13.32%, USD - 2.69%, RUB - 7.14%

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