The Campaign of Your Card AyCard finished and results summarized


  We are sincerely thankful to all participants and congratulate the winners. If you are late to take your chance in contest for the prizes do not get upset. In the next year of 2017 we plan to arrange many capturing interesting offers with valuable gifts. The rules are as follows - the most active holders of AyCard who carried out maximum financial transactions are eligible to get award in amount from 1 000 to 5 000 som.

For the purpose to capture participants all over the country the winners were selected in the following regions:

in Bishkek:

1st prize- Kalysultanov Kubanychbek Talantbekovich – 5 000 som
2nd prize-Khalilov Javlon Murodzhonovich – 3 000 som
3rd prize-Danabaev Nurbek Saparalievich– 1 000 som

in northern regions of the country:

1st prize-Keldibekova Adina Keldibekovna – 5 000 som
2nd prize- Rustamov Nooruzbek Rustamovich– 3 000 som
3rd prize-Amangeldieva Aijamal Omurlanovna – 1 000 som

по южным регионам страны:

1st prize-Baibulatov Bahtiyar Nadjimovich– 5 000 som
2nd prize- Asanova Aizirek Muhammedovna – 3 000 som
3rd prize-Junusov Tairbek Alisherovich- 1 000 som

We congratulate all the participants and wish and success and more awards!


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