Partner Agreement between JSC Aiyl Bank and Ailana Company


Aiyl bank informs that on December 9, 2016 within the frameworks of KfW German Development Bank Program “Financing of Agrarian Supply Chains” the Partner Agreement was signed with Ailana Company based in Kara-Balta and involved into fruit and vegetable processing. The partners under this Agreement will consolidate efforts for implementation of complex financing of Value-Added Chains (VAC) in the area of tomato processing. This complex financing of VACs will enable all VAC participants – producing farmers – agricultural product suppliers for processing plants, factory, suppliers of chemicals, fertilizers, services, equipment and machinery for agricultural processing – to get an access to long-term credit resources in national currency under beneficial conditions.

Consistent financing on beneficial conditions will promote growth of competitive features of Ailana Company products and earning added-value by all VAC participants. Implementation of complex financing scheme is done with Program Consultant assistance– Swiss Company “Business & Finance Consulting”, whose technical support is aimed to provide high-quality financial services through introduction of up-to-date banking technology enabling reduction of client costs and minimize credit risks. Therefore, cost of loan resources for agricultural producers and processors will be reduced.




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