The factory opening with the support of JSC Aiyl Bank in Belovodsk


On June 29th 2019 with the support of JSC Aiyl Bank, a factory was opened on the basis of Karizma Trade LLC for the production of wet wipes under the “Best”trade name.

Representatives of the Bank led by the Deputy Chairman of the Board Uranbek Sharapov, as well as partners of Karisma Trade, took part in the grand opening.

A tour of the factory’s territory was held by co-founder and executive director Camille Komurzhu. He personally introduced all stages and details of production to the guests. Today "Karisma Trade" produces 10 varieties of products.

Accordingly, the capacity of the workshop allows you to produce:

- wet wipes, towels - 6 million pcs. in year. In the presence of two shifts - 12 million pieces. in year;

- pocket napkins in one shift 5.5 million pcs. in two shifts 11 million pcs.

The workshop consists of two production sites:

- Workshop for water purification and solution preparation.

- Workshop for the production of wet wipes.

Products are planned to be exported to the countries of the Custom’s Union and neighboring countries.

Karisma Trade Company plans to contribute to the development of the Kyrgyz economy by increasing the volume of exported products, creating new jobs for the local population and making a worthy competition to imported goods.

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