Member of the Board of Directors

Higher education:

1987-1992 KNU. Specialty: Jurisprudence.

2009-2011 Institute of Economics and Transport Management "St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation". Specialty "Economy and management at the enterprise (transport)". Specialization: "Management of enterprise finances". Qualifications: Economist-Manager.

2007 Graduate of the Graduate School of the Kyrgyz State Law Academy, correspondence department on the topic: "Legal regulation of the interaction of the National Bank and commercial banks in the Kyrgyz Republic."

Labor activity:

1992-1995 Lawyer of small enterprise "Bakai-Ata"

1996-1997 Lawyer at the Financial and Industrial Firm "Toton"concurrently:
Lawyer Specialized Investment Company JSC "Nur-Invest";

Lawyer Commodity Exchange of the Kyrgyz Republic

1997-1999 Lawyer at the Production and Commercial Firm "Aseyin"

2000-2001 Head of Legal Department, Agency for Reorganization of Banks and Debt Restructuring (DEBRA)

2001-2002 Representative of the Special Administrator, Manager of the branch of JSCB "Kurulush-Bank", Tokmok city

17.05.01-17.06.02 Lawyer assistant of the Special Administrator of the “Insan Bank”

21.06.01-01.04.02 Lawyer assistant of the Special Administrator of the Bank "Kurulush-Bank"

2002-2003 Head of Security Service of Ekobank

2003-2004 Member of the Board - Head of the Legal Department of JSC "Ak-Bank" 

2005-2007 Deputy Head of Legal Services, Manas International Airport OJSC

2007-2008 President’s advisor on Legal Issues of Kyrgyzstan Airline OJSC. Secretary of the Company.

2008-2010 Vice-President of the Airline "Kyrgyzstan"

2006-2011 Member of the Board of Directors of Ayil Bank OJSC

2011-2013 Vice President for Economic and Social Development of Manas International Airport OJSC

03.2013-04.2013 Director of Manas Hendling Group LLC (subsidiary of Manas International Airport OJSC)

15.04.2013 Till present time President’s advisor of CJSC “Trans Asia Express” on economics and logistics.

2013-2019 Member of the Board of Directors of OJSC “RSK Bank”

05.2019 Till present time Member of the Board of Directors of Ayil Bank OJSC.

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