Chairman of the Board of Directors


1997-2002 Jalal-Abad State University. ASOIiU

2001-2003 Academy of Management under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. MBA

Work experience:

2003-2004 JSC Kyrgyztelecom Economist, Audit Commission

2004-2004 Pharm company ROMAT Economist

2005-2013 JSC Kyrgyztelecom Head of FEO

2006-2010 Regional Commonwealth in the area of Communications Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Economics of Communications, Audit Commission

2011-2013 JSC Kyrgyztelecom Board Новости of Directors

2013-2015 Osh regional branch of JSC Kyrgyztelecom CEO

2015-2016 JSC Kyrgyztelecom CFO

2016-2016 KT Mobile LLC Director

2017-2019 Sky Mobile LLC Head of Regional Office, Head of Service.

2020-present Branch of BGTS JSC Kyrgyztelecom CEO

2020-2022 OJSC Aiyl Bank Member of the Board of Directors

04.2022 - present OJSC Aiyl Bank Chairman of the Board of Directors

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