Aiyl Bank Starts Issuing Mortgage Loans

On 1 February 2016 the official signing of Cooperation Agreement between Aiyl Bank, RSK Bank and JSO State Mortgage Company was completed under Kyrgyz Republic Government Program Accessible Housing 2015-2020.

Aiyl Bank is recognized the Best Organization

On 29 January 2016 on extended meeting in Talas Oblast Administration Office attended by KR Minister of Economics and RKFR Chair Akhmetova N. The awards on results of 2015 were presented.

Aiyl Bank Working Meeting with Rostselmash Company

On January 22 this year the working meeting of Aiyl Bank management and Mr.Valery Viktorovich Maltzev, General Director of Rostselmash Company, was held. Working issued related to cooperation and new perspectives for EAEU were discussed.

Aiyl Bank opens new branch in Osh and presents awards

As a 100%- state-owned bank Aiyl Bank for the purpose of development and promotion of social state projects as well as financing small and medium scale businesses under Russian-Kyrgyz Development Foundation program, Islam Corporation of Development and other significant projects and for the purpose to provide people with accessible and high-quality banking services has opened a new branch office in Osh city.

Leasing under Cooperation of Aiyl Bank with Republic of Belarus

On 21 January this year within the frameworks of Aiyl Bank cooperation with the Government of Republic of Belarus the extended meeting of bank management and Deputy Minister of Belarus Industry Mr. Alexander Sergeevich Ogorodnikov, was held, it was attended by Mr.Fedor Alexandrovich Domatenko, General Director of JSO Minsky Tractor Plan Company and other partners.

Cash Outlet is opened in CSP SRS (old airport building) in Bishkek

For your the new cash outlet of Aiyl Bank was opened in CSP # 1 SRS in Bishkek. It will accept all payments of state fees and CSP services as well as passport processing fees and ZAGS fees.

Bereke Money Transfer System Rules

JSC Aiyl Bank would like to inform that in accordance with items 1 and 2 of clause 16 Bereke Money Transfer Regulations from February 10, 2016 the amendments and addendum to Bereke Money Transfer System Rules are introduced.

We are pleased to offer 3rd edition of Aiyl Bank Corporate Newsletter Aiyl Bank Messenger

Development of agricultural sector is the priority task for Kyrgyzstan. Here the main attention is paid to development of greenhouses because currently the major portion of vegetables and fruit is imported to our country. For the last time all possible solutions are being developed for promotion of this kind of activity including financing of greenhouses business. You can find information about specificity of this kind of business in the 3rd edition of Aiyl Bank newsletter.

Aiyl Bank Call-center Receives First Calls

For improval of client services and facilitation of client operations Aiyl Bank introduced new call-cater reference service using new technology and equipment.

Aiyl Bank is Recognized The Best Bank in Batken

Batken Branch of Aiyl Bank was awarded with prize in nomination The Best Bank of Batken Region.